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December 11, 2015
Industrial Design | Simon Zeng

CORBY, England (WHNT) – Huntsville City Schools’ Team USA finished seventh overall in Sunday’s 2015 Greenpower Finals Race. The big event happened in the Rockingham Motor Speedway in England.

2010 race featured a large number of senior high school and college teams from through the Uk. Team USA also won the Siemens Engineering and style Award for that second time.

“It continues to be a truly great day, ” stated team lead Mike Evans. “We’re growing, this program keeps growing and we’re enhancing every year. What else could you say, the children gave it their life blood today and also at the finish during the day it demonstrated.

The Greenpower Education Trust sponsors the big event, an electrical vehicle challenge, which requires students, with the aid of instructors and industry mentors, to create, build, and race an electrical vehicle. Each team is offered exactly the same standard motor, group of batteries, along with a strict group of rules to follow along with. Students must use all their science, technology, engineering, and math abilities to develop an automobile to compete.

“I think we’ve practiced a great deal, like our mentors stressed a great deal about us cooperating and interacting, as with pit changes as well as on the track using the motorists, interacting with everyone, ” stated team member Ashley Kimbel.

In 2013, Huntsville City Schools grew to become the very first team in the U.S. to compete within the Greenpower Race within the Uk. A regional race is going to be held in the new Greenpower Track at Whitesburg School on Saturday, October 31 for area teams.


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