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October 2, 2015
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car-design-academy_09“As you may know, in order to become a car designer one must attend a college that offers the appropriate specialized courses. Attendance is very costly, ” explains Car Design Academy founder and principal Yu Nakasone. “Unfortunately many students had to give up their dream to become a car designer because of this expense.

“Car Design Academy was established by professionally seasoned designers who wanted to change this situation. By offering an online program, a high quality educational program is easily accessible to all students. It is a meaningful project that seeks to nurture the hidden talents of potential car designers from every corner of the world.”

Run by internationally renowned automotive designer Nori Kurihara, a seasoned designer with nearly 40 years of experience in the automotive design industry, the course offers an opportunity for talented designers with small budgets to further their dream of being a car designer right from the convenience of their own homes. A further three professional designers — Miki Hattori (Opel, Bertone), Takayuki Yamazaki (Honda) and Takeru Can (Nori, Inc.) — also teach the course, using reference materials and textbooks, tutorials and videos specifically created for the online program.

The goal is to ensure the students have a firm understanding of sketching and presentation techniques and are able to develop an industry standard portfolio. To that end, the tutors also provide one-on-one guidance, which is perhaps the most valuable aspect of the learning process.

car-design-academy_quaterviewsketchtext-3 car-design-academy_05
GTA 3 Beta car - School bus
GTA 3 Beta car - School bus
School Project: Gravity Car Design
School Project: Gravity Car Design
Car Design by Middle Schooler
Car Design by Middle Schooler

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