B.A. Industrial Design

December 25, 2016
B.A. (Industrial Design)


The point is not to produce more and more objects, but to make them better, more durable and really needed. Nowadays, industrial design requires much more than simply finding a balance between form and function of the object. Society and its needs change - one must be able to investigate and understand this, in order for design to be socially useful. The world is changing, the climate is getting warmer and natural resources are shrinking - you need to know how to prevent it and not accelerate the process. Emerging opportunities and technologies are replacing traditional skills and handcraft we must save them from oblivion.

Industrial design in the modern, post-industrial world requires its profile to be significantly reformulated. Hence, you can treat this specialization as designing for sustainable development, but also a post-industrial design. Graduates of this specialization apart from industrial product design will also be involved in developing services, programmes of social engineering and modernization strategies. This requires reflection on the use of natural resources, recycling and responsible approach to economic and social realities. This specialization embraces not only new technologies and equipment, but also traditional craft techniques which will help you understand the nature and properties of the material used. The goal of a contemporary designer should not be the creation of another objects, but the design of the whole process and prediction of its effects, taking into account all stages such as testing of the objectives, needs and expectations of the customer and final consumer by preparing and selecting materials, technologies, through the process of formation and use to disposal after exploitation. A person who understands and knows how to analyze the entire process can work at any stage in accordance with his or her preference.

Source: www.bachelorsportal.eu

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