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February 22, 2016
Behind Boxee: How to Design

Industrial electronics require stringent compliance to create recommendations and methods because of the cruel operational parameters that they're exposed: low or high temperature, mugginess, dust and muck, high vibration and shock loads amongst others.

Titoma Design works along with you to define operational parameters and style the electronics and mechanical systems accordingly. Developing industrial products necessitates choosing highly durable components, creating shock isolation systems, and making certain a competent thermal management system. We are able to support all amounts of needs from system to board level and fulfill design needs to satisfy the requirements of commercial ISO, avionics, military, and automotive standards.

We're a complete-company supplying quality design and manufacturing services for industrial electronic products. Our experience enables us to supply our clients with completely put together and examined integrated systems, electro mechanical devices, and full housing integration. We allow it to be our responsibility to provide quality items that fall within budget needs and choose components carefully to decrease likelihood of failure and obsolescence.

Industrial products we've designed and manufactured include enclosed lighting fittings, avionics media gamers, Ultra violet curers for manufacturing, environment remotes, testing equipment, surface scanning devices, home security systems, inventory keeping scanning devices, and automotive products.

Our strong persistence for IP protection is among the explanations why companies choose Titoma.

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