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May 14, 2017
Top 10 Pinterest Design Boards

Our playbook touches upon how we use Trello for all sorts of tasks, from projects to hiring to sales – however, it doesn’t dive deeply into how we manage our boards for each project. Each of our project boards are broken down into 6 columns: Ideas / Discussion, Next up, Doing, Code Review, Acceptance, and Week of.

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Ideas / Discussion

These cards are ideas or side discussions that either aren’t yet actionable or aren’t actionable at all. They could be stories that need to be flushed out more, they could potentially need more research done or buy in, or they might be on hold until they receive more validation.

Sometimes the discussion occurs on the card, other times it acts to facilitate an IRL discussion. I like to work through these during our weekly project retrospectives after we discuss stories that have been completed, as well as what’s at the top of ‘Next up.’ This way the discussion list doesn’t build up and become insurmountable.

'Next up’ is the queue for stories and bugs that are actionable, organized in priority order. The priority should be of importance to the user as well as the benefits they would receive upon completion. Each card should have significance to the design sprint’s problem statement or a main job story to be completed.

'Next up’ is ordered by the entire team, but the Product Manager has ownership and veto rights on the priority of the stories. Designers and developers take stories from the top of this list to work on. We only skip over cards that other team members are more qualified for.

Each card represents a job for us to solve for the user. As such, we have begun using job stories to give a better indication of what the expected outcome of that story should be. Unless it’s a bug, each story should maintain jobs story format.

Labels are often specific to that project. We usually have one for 'needs design’ and one for 'needs development’. This allows for designers and developers to filter by the label to see their next task.

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